Lo Copa Pan

Lo Copa Pan is an iron of ancient craft:

which knows to slice bread,
even when time made it became hard
and in appearence hostile.

But Lo Copa Pan is also something more:

a way of seeing things, a way of thinking, living.
the receipe is in the simplest
and that's why, not the easiest to realise.

The route leeds from sky to tastes of earth and sea.

Descending from the Matterhorn,
getting into the bar, upstairs to the wood replaced,
downstairs in the restaurant.

And perhaps even further down...

It starts off with time.
As much as needed, you would say in the kitchen. How much do you want, you say here. Our formula Bar et Cuisine is telling this.
Where dishes are taken straight to the point, with the sincere tastes of our valleys and the everyday inventions of our chef.
While beer and glasses of wine slow down the rhythm and loosen up the words ...


... and then there is the mountain, this mountain: the Matterhorn.
From there we are descending and we don't want to forget.
Our Wood reclaimed is telling it: a terracce of native trees, transformed in scultures.
Between sky and earth, chit chat and cocktails.


Weaving fabric is different from weaving stories?
If you head up the stairs, which leeds to our laboratory, you will get our answer.
You will see how works of artists, temporary installations, words and images are at their comfort beside a loom.
You can see, touch, think ...


... and in the end, there are the people, which here pass by and here they stop to then leave again.
We tell them stories, in an alphabet of possible worlds. Tales made of words and sensations, but also of clothes arriving from the sharp edges of the mountain, with it's soft lines from the traces in the snow, from the endeavours of gentle mountaineering.
All of this is Mircatura to us: flying of the thought, flash of the wing, breeze of words, sincere sun, polychromed snow, time without time.


There are words which explain.
And words they want to be explained or even recounted.

get into the story

We are here.
Slightly under the Matterhorn, a bit over the lines.

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Lo Copa Pan

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