The mountain is behind the shoulder ...

... door is closing, time is expanding.

the music is mixing with words.
the flavous are sincere: bread to bread, wine to wine. 

a lot of wine, and some truth, which comes to us from the mountain and slips us through the fingers.

grap it, it's nice, together with new encounters:
it gives the taste of Mircatura.


the route leeds from ...

... sky to tastes of earth and sea

descending from the Matterhorn,
getting into the bar, down in the restaurant.
And perhaps even further down. Someone who has been here, said, into the hearth.

Maybe because of the huge fireplace in centre of the room,

the light casting the Alpenstocks,
the words of the maitre, the sauveurs from the chef.
or the surprise felt by a dish never tried before.

But one thing is sure.
We always put our heart into everything, Bar et Cuisine."