Loom of Ideas

Weaving fabric is different from weaving stories?

If you head up the stairs, which leeds to our laboratoryyou will get our answer.
You will see how artist works, temporary installations, words and images are at their comfort beside a loom.

You can see, touch, think and create

but above all, breath. A sparkling air, like the one of our mountains.
Like the one of Mircatura.

La Bonne Laine

Realising your clothing in wool is possible.

This space we named. The Loom of Ideas. 
Because you can encounter the ideas of others. But especially bring yours.
To realise them together with Cecile, taking the cue from our samples and using natural materials that we have selected:
merino wool, fibres of nettle, hemp and cotton, in the colours which draw our land.
You will see come to the world an item of clothing which will be only yours.
But which a little bit, we will feel also ours.