there is words which explain ... 

... and words which desire to be explained.
Well, recounted.
Mircatura is of the latter kind..

Mirco began the story, but others, together with him, are telling the tale.
Chicco has reclaimed the wood.
Marco has designed the clothing. Michele presents with his paintings in pixels.
Sylvia has plotted the fabric, Cecilia in wool and cotton. Gianni has given us flavours, Vincenzo added some sense of humour and Ugo has put the words.

The road is now traced.
with a sign that indicates the path: flying of the thought,
time of slowliness, knowledge of the mountain,
snow made of sun. 

∼ . ∼ __ ^ *

Alphabet of possible Worlds

... and stories of what is to become.

Wayfaring of Mircatura and who on his road will walk together with us.


"writing is a bit like ~.~
you need to leave on the ground the heavy luggage and start where the ___ takes you, you will discouver at arrival.
read your words, for a moment you are ^
then the light of a *
you remember that the sheet is once again white.
and there is the nice bit"