The Wood Reclaimed

In the heart of Cervinia there is a wood: 

incredible and truth.
It is the wood reclaimed: the large terrace of Lo Copa Pan.

Where beers and wines, chef's creations, aperitifs and cocktails slow down the time and dissolve the words...

The Wood Reclaimed was born by the collaboration of Chicco Margaroli and Mirco Lombard. 
To tell the story about where we come from
and where we dream about going.

Native tree species from our valley,
that are trasforming into wooden scultures.
Women and man born out of solid roots,
but taking off towards the sky which takes to the mountain.
Our mountain: the Matterhorn


In good hands: yours.

To make it become sign of Mircatura,
territory of new incounters, twisting of chic chac,
taste of time.

In company with our proposal of cocktails,
a glass of wine, a plate by our chef,
an aperitif of Lo Copa Pan.
Under the stars at night
or with the sunshine at you during the day.