Even more...

Lo Copa Pan reccomends.

For a perfect vacation in the sign of good food and wine, but not only,
Lo Copa Pan recommends to its guests a journey to discover our valleys, their culture and traditions, sports and wellness, curiosities and secrets.


another point of view

To see things from another point of view!
No particular expirience requiered,
only trust in the instructions one, which will take you to fly.
Taking off at Plan Maison, Pancheron and Plateau Rosà, 
you will land in the proximity of the cross country piste.

Fans de Sport
c/o Hotel Lac Bleu
0039 335 457155
fly high

step by step

breath after breath, vertigo after vertigo

taking on a wall centimeter after centimeter is a challenge,
against effort, cold, time.
For that it's one of the purest emotion the mountain can offer.
Overnight in refuge, excursion, improvement or only asking an advice, at your disposition the Guide del Cervino.

Società Guide del Cervino
0039 0166 948169
i will go

like paint brush on a canvas

after a snowfall

when the hole valley seems still asleep,
there is nothing more entusiastic than a descent on a vergine and floury slope.
Few minutes of flight are sufficient
to get to the places of incomparables beauty,
where nature rules sovereign:
from here discent starts ...
from here drems will begin

Heliski Breuil Cervinia
0039 0166 949267
0039 335 6948316
will start painting

naturally iced

ice proving ground

feeling yourself,
at least for one day,
big at the wheel, campion of the compensatory steering.

ICE Karting Cervinia
Loc. Area pic-nic
0039 338 9133630
will take a go

Ready for the adventures on the peak of Matterhorn Glacier Paradise?

At an airy 3383 metres of altitude you will find Europe's highest aerial cableway and summit station

If you want to go still higher,
the summit lift will bring you to the viewing platform with 360° panoramic view 
that includes 38 Alpine giants over fourthousand metres and 14 glaciers in the French, Italian and Swiss Alps.
See if you can make out Mont Blanc, Europe' s highest mountain,
and further in the distance, the Jungfrau in all her radiant beauty. 

If you want to get cast your spell by glittering ice crystals and shimmering ice scultures,
visit to the world's highest glacier palace, in a fairytale atmosphere,
in the heart of eternal ice. 

map summer - winter